Customer-facing and other critical instruments, equipment and parts used in tattoo businesses absolutely must be clean in order to function properly and prevent contamination from germs and bacteria. Dirty, corroded and unsanitary tattoo parts and equipment not only impact functionality and durability; they can put customers’ health at risk too—all while costing your tattoo business valuable time, effort and dollars.

Too many tattoo businesses still rely on dirty, time-consuming hand washing to clean tattoo needles, guns and other equipment. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines from are the perfect solution. Our robust machines clean tattoo equipment, parts and tools at a fraction of the time and cost of hand washing. Moreover, our specially formulated RTU tattoo parts and equipment cleaning solution is pre-mixed with enzymes to ensure thorough cleaning as part of a rigorous hygienic process.

Whether you prefer the high functionality of digital control machines like our Ultra 900 and Ultra 1300 or easy-to-use manual control machines like our Ultra 1000M and Ultra 1300M, tabletop cleaning machines from will save you time and money, deliver significant ROI, help ensure functionality and durability and maintain sanitary and hygienic quality levels your customers expect.

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Ultra 1300

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Ultra 1300M

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Ultra 4 Ready to Use (RTU) Ultrasonic Detergent

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Ultra 3 Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Detergent

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