Ultrasonic cleaning is extremely effective at removing dirt and grime—even in the smallest of crevices. Normally, this would require tedious hand cleaning. Ultrasonic lift table cleaning machines from UltraSonic LLC Logo are designed for large and/or heavy parts, and large-capacity parts cleaning. Our UltraSonic LLC Logo ultrasonic lift table machines are built low to the ground, so they’re not only easy to use, but they’re easy on your back, too.

With our ultrasonic lift table cleaning machines, you’ll save time, money and effort, which makes them especially popular with shop floor employees. It’s high-performance cleaning that cleans your parts faster and cheaper than the alternatives. Whatever your industrial, automotive, medical or aerospace parts cleaning needs are, UltraSonic LLC Logo’s ultrasonic lift table cleaning machines are up to the challenge.

Our ultrasonic lift table cleaning machines include the Ultra 3800FLT and Ultra 6000FLT. Simply click the images below to learn more about each machine:

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