UltraSonic LLC Cleaner Revs Up Learning for Automotive Students

Macomb Community College students learn firsthand about all things automotive while earning their associate degrees in Automotive Technology. In well-equipped lab settings, which are essentially top-of-the-line full-service auto repair shops, they put theory into practice diagnosing and repairing brakes & suspensions, electrical & air conditioning systems, drivelines and engines. With a full machine shop that includes an RMC V-20 CNC machine center, rebuilding automotive engines is a substantial portion of their lab work. Students get their hands dirty in every aspect of the process – from diagnostics to estimating parts and time required, to the actual removal and rebuilding of engines and components. A new ultrasonic cleaner from UltraSonic LLC is helping to get components cleaner, and speed the process of rebuilds so students can spend more time learning, not cleaning. Continue reading “UltraSonic LLC Cleaner Revs Up Learning for Automotive Students”