We’ve had the Ultra 6000FLT in use for a little over a month now. We bend coolant, air intake, and turbo exhaust tubes, which need to have a vegetable based lube, along with an oil film that is on the tube and steel burrs from cutting the tube, removed after we finish the bending and finishing processes. Our previous process was a 55 gallon drum each of clean and soapy water, and scrubbing the tubes out, or on larger tubes, a pressure washer. It was tedious and labor intensive.

I was very skeptical of a machine that can do what we needed done, and we had been looking for a long time. I am very pleased with the Ultrasonic machine to date, it has far exceeded our expectations. It has drastically cut our tube cleaning time, and a huge labor saver. It has a 6 minute cycle time. A lot of times we can fit 20 or more tubes in a cycle. So instead of spending a minute or two cleaning one part, we can load the machine, the person that would normally be occupied physically cleaning the parts can then do something else while the parts are being processed, then come back and retrieve the cleaned parts. We have not had to change the soap yet, but are told we will need to after 3 or 4 months, which seems reasonable. I’m anticipating a 1-2 year payback on the initial investment on the machine. It does a very good job of cleaning dirty parts within a short time frame with minimal labor. We can even clean very large parts that don’t fit in the machine fully, clean one half and then the other.

Cleaning the inside of a long, multi-bend tube is very difficult, getting in there and reaching everything out. We have tested this Ultrasonic machine on long, hard to clean multi-bend tubes by cleaning it in the machine, then cutting in the middle of the tube to check it. it is very clean inside.

We are very happy with the Ultrasonic machine, if you have parts that are difficult and or time consuming to clean, in an environmentally safe manner, this is the way to do it.

– Mike Forbes



With New UltraSonic Technology It’s Not the
Same Old Grind
for Ohio Tool Cutter

UltraSonic cleaning of cutting toolsTru-Edge Cutting Tool Services designs and manufactures custom round cutting tools and provides regrinding and coating services for customers in the aerospace, automotive, medical, foodservice and mining industries, among others.   Failure to remove oils and dirt from tooling prior to batch coating contaminates an entire vessel of coating materials, at a cost of between $500 and $5000 each occurrence.   A new UltraSonic LL agitation pre-cleaner is helping to remove more of the oils and dirt while significantly shortening the cycle time— a combination that yields a short payback for this west-central Ohio manufacturer.

“We looked for over a year at 15-20 different brands, until we found an ultrasonic cleaner that was different,” recalls David Balster, Director of Manufacturing.  He purchased a model Ultra 2400FA from Cincinnati-based UltraSonic LLC in August, 2015.  “They (UltraSonic LLC) are the only ones with ultrasonic emitters on the sides rather than the bottom, where the waves don’t necessarily hit the tools,” said Balster.

This direct pathway produces direct results in terms of a faster cleaning cycle.  Tru-Edge has reduced their cycle time from 10 minutes to 3 minutes.  That reduction, coupled with a larger cleaning tank, allows more parts to be cleaned per hour, and helped with turnaround for the coating department.  It also yields a 6-month payback for this capital investment based on labor savings.

Balster estimates that “cleaning is probably 300-400% better in a third of the time."

– David Balster, Director of Manufacturing at Tru-Edge Cutting Tool Services

We have seen big improvements in how the cylinder walls of our blocks are cleaned and have profited 2 hours of labor in cleaning time for a complete engine rebuild. Ultrasonic cleaning has given us a cleaner final product.

– Tony Bishoff

Ultrasonic Cleaner is a “Dough Brainer”
for Pizza Making Machinery Manufacturer

AM Manufacturing Company makes, sells, and refurbishes the equipment that allows for high production of frozen pizzas. Their parts and machines are used by most of the big names in the frozen pizza market. According to Van Drunen, employees now just place the parts in the cleaner, press a green “Go” button, and pull out the clean components after about 5 minutes. Everything that touches the dough—from the tooling that makes pizza crust into a desired size and shape to the machines that knead and ball the dough—everything goes into their new cleaner.

"The dirt just falls right off, it works really well," Van Drunen said.

In addition to selling machinery, AM also refurbishes older machinery and parts. Customers send them equipment and tooling that are 20-30 years old—with 20-30 years of crud and grime gummed onto them. Now those parts go directly to the UltraSonic, and come out looking brand new. Even if the parts have been cleaned well by their owners, AM sends them back better than they received them. It’s a small but noticeable service that ensures customers stick with AM for years to come.

– Mark Van Drunen, President at AM

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